Government Printing and Stationery Department is about a century old service department established in the year 1902. This department had started its function with meager staff, however, it was re-organized from time to time and staff increased. Government used to place a grant under the stationery head at the disposal of the department against which supplies to various departments / offices were made free of cost. In the year 1970-71, after the dismemberment of one unit, the Provincial Government decided to commercialize the accounting procedure of the department with an object to meet the offices stationery requirements of the government departments conveniently. Since then the department is working as a commercial concern.


Modernization of Government Press, Peshawar


Undertake the responsibility of printing of Provincial Budget including ADP successfully every year and meet the demands of all the Government Departments in terms of printing and providing other essential stores in time with their daily office requirements.

Aims & Objectives

• Increase capacity of the Government Printing Press considerably.

• Increase hourly production 2-3 times as compared to the present one.

• Speedy multi-color printing will be possible.

• Speed of binding will be able to meet demands of all government departments well in time.

• NOC’s for printing from private Press will be stopped/minimized due to availability of more work for printing press which in turn will be increase receipts.

• Receipts would about be double the impression of the present (manual/hand feed) machinery is one thousands per hour and the impressions will be automatically increased machinery.

• New machinery will inject a new life in the Government Printing Press and will make it a profit earning asset for many decades to come.

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What does KP- Government Printing and Stationery do

Functions of the Government Press are to provide services to all Government Departments. It Prints the provincial budget, ADP, Government Gazette Notifications and other rules regulations for the Provincial Government Departments and supplies all kinds of printed forms and registers to the Governor House, Chief Minister Secretariat, Provincial Ministers, all Government, Semi Government departments and Autonomous bodies. In the past this department also used to provide stationery items to all Government Departments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This function was however, rescinded in 1999 by the Government of KP, Finance Department as a result of which the provision of stationery was decentralized and this department was compelled to close down the Stationery Sales Depot at Peshawar, Abbottabad, D.I. Khan and Swat and the staff became surplus.


Printing and Stationary Department of KP, Peshawar consists of following units:

• Government Press

• Forms Press

• Forms and Publication Store

• Main Store of Paper Printing and Binding Material