Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority commonly known as KP-TEVTA is a technical educational entity established in early 2000 and later merge in Directorate General of Technical Education and Manpower Training. The basic aim of the organization is to provide relevant skills for Industrial and Economic Development and to improve access, equity and employ ability.


Basic vision of KP-TEVTA is the prosperous and economically stable Khyber Paktunkhwa through competitive skilled workforce for meeting domestic and global market demands.


Demand driven skillful training in sync with the market based technology for improved employ-ability and meaningful contribution to the socioeconomic development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the basic mission of KP-TEVTA..

Aims & Objectives

The overall objective of the Technical Education and Vocational Training policy is to provide the economy with qualified and competitive workers and to train citizens able to participate in sustainable growth and poverty reduction by ensuring training opportunities to all social groups without discrimination. The main objectives of National Skill Strategy are:

• Providing Relevant Skills for Industrial and Economic Development

• Improve Access, Equity and Employ ability

• Assuring Quality

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What does KP-TEVTA Do

Initial focus on imparting of education in commerce, technical education and vocational training trades at different levels. To fulfil these requirements KP-TEVTA established institutes all cross the Province, so that different Academic Programs can be learned by the desired persons in that institutes. The particular training programs are practical-oriented and is being successfully running cross the province. .

Current Institutes

Current institutes that are working under KP-TEVTA are as follow

• Polytechnic

• Women Polytechnic

• Vocational Institutes

• Shaheen Vocational Training Institutes