Procedure For Renewal Of Registration Of Trust Under KPK Trust Act/Rules,2020

  1. An application for renewal of registration shall be submitted to the Director, thirty days prior to the expiry of the existing registration

  2. The application under sub-rule (1) shall be accompanied by the following, namely:-

  1. Details of all members on Schedule VI;

  2. bank challan of rupees three thousand (Rs.3000/-) under the head of an account CO-3545 as a fee for renewal of registration;

  3. the audited statement of accounts from a Chartered Accounts for the preceding financial year;

  4. budget estimate and activities plan for the next financial year;

  5. up-to-date bank account statement; and

  6. details of members of the trust.

  1. The trustee shall also submit the form as specified in Schedule VI for updating the information of trust from time to time as required by sub-section (2) of section 26 of the Act.

  2. The trustees shall also submit a soft form of record of information at the time of renewal of registration.

  3. The Director shall check the documents and information provided under rule 9 against the record available in his office. If he finds any change, he shall verify the same in the manner as mentioned in rule 6.

  4. The director may summon any or all members of the trust for clarification of any query.

  5. The director after receipt of verification reports under sub-rule (4) of rule 6, if deems necessary, may send the case to any other Investigation Agency or Intelligence Agency for further verification.

  6. The Director after receipt of the report and fulfillment of all legal requirements may grant an annual renewal certificate or may refuse to grant an annual renewal certificate, in case of any violation of the Act or these rules for any of the reasons mentioned in the sub-rule (2) of rule 7.

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