Requirement For Renewal Of Societies






Accounts Nos/maintenance certificate.

(Balance Sheets/Bank Statements).


History of projects/programs/assignments implemented


Audit Report from the authorized Chartered Accountants


Offices details with complete address and Name & contact no. of focal person


Human resources details with their salary breakup


Association/collaborations (business, professional, technical, financial, etc) with local and/or international entities


Other registration certificates---NTN, exemptions etc.


List of office bearers-----names with designation, cell numbers, occupation, addresses, CNIC, and signatures for each year separate


List of local/international officers/staff with names, designation-CNIC, and salary


Charity Commission registration certificate


List of General Body members


Endowment amounts if any


Source of funding----Incomes, amounts, means of transfer of monies


Authority letter on stamp paper signed by BOG in the name of the person filing documents


Certificate by BOG that all documents are true / correct


Challan of Rs. 500/- per year under the head of the account CO-3545 and if the address change then challan of Rs-1500/- in the same account


Resolution for Renewal of Registration duly signed by all the members


CNIC copies of all the BOG members.


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